Wells and Cisterns

A census of several wells in and around Tourtoirac has already begun. One knows that there are many either functioning or not. Please do not hesitate to contact us to complete our inventory.

Here are those that we have located:

At Goursat, this well is equipped with a chain and crank handle and has always got water.

At Goursat, this cistern has found a new destination

At Chadel, one can see this well protected by a double sloped roof.

There are three types of cisterns visible at Laudonie and are always used. The cistern in the centre photo functions with a pump.

At Chambon, the cistern on the right and the well on the left are not often used, but could be reactivated if necessary.

There is always water deep in the two cisterns that one can see at Portail. A wooden bucket brings water up from the right-hand well.