Several remarkable elements

The Abbey Church

Gallo Roman style, the oldest elements date from the 11th century. With two bell towers, this building is the best conserved of the Abbey


The Doorway

The scallop shells which decorate certain capitals evoke the direction of Compostelle.

The Capitals

The leaves, lions and the beard-pulling monks can be seen when you pass behind the Presbytery.

The Statue of the Abbot

Installed on one of the access steps to the Presbytery, it is made up of two parts, sculpted by two different sculptors.

The Priory Chapel

One can see the remains of the 12th century paintings, the embedded resonating vases and in a window a 15th century Virgin Mary in wood.

Oven Bakery

Dating from the 17th century one can discover ancient elements of the Abbey recuperated and used from previous destruction of the Abbey.

Transept and Apse

The capitals of the Limousin School of 12th century, small glimpses of painted decoration covered by mildew and moss.

The Ramparts

Can you find the two crosses, the sculpted frieze under the porch and the circular cross?