In 2022...


The general assembly occurred on the 24th of august at the salle des Tanneries in Tourtoirac. It was followed by a conference on caves and speleothems.

The local Crédit Agricole Charente-Périgord support our association!

Madame Emilie Sinsou, head of the agencies of Excideuil, Hautefort, Lanouaille, Payzac et

Madame Valérie Joffre, President of the local office gave here to the association a cheque of 5000 euros.

Tourtoirac-240822-cheque-CA-IMG_1466 2.jpg

Number 6 of the Carnets de Tourtoirac is now available. With articles on local dovecotes, springs and washing places, the past and important festival and the usual old photographies of Tourtoirac school classes.

En 2018...

Assemblée Générale 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018, at 8:30 pm, was held in the hall of the Tannery, Tourtoirac, the general meeting of the Association "Friends of the Abbey and Heritage Tourtoirac" created in 2014 to raise awareness tourtoiracois, elected officials, and the administration to the urgent need to restore the church and more generally to highlight the heritage of the town. The members were summoned by mail on July 21st.

The moral report is presented by Mady Chabrier for the diagnostic study, Annick Gaudry about the contacts with Stéphane Bern, Nanou Fromentière on the notebook n ° 2, the collection of prehistoric tools and the guided tours and Jacques Pichard for the concert "Léo Ferré" and the exhibitions. The moral report is put to the vote and approved.

The financial report is presented by Annick Gaudry, it is put to the vote and approved.

The future is addressed by Solange Raphael, for the ongoing work on the church. A summary of the diagnostic study (not finalized, according to a provisional document) is presented by Mady Chabrier for the historical aspect and Annick Gaudry for the diagnosis on the building.

The full report of this general meeting is available on request for members.



the CARNETS DE TOURTOIRAC N ° 2 has been published. Summary of abbey secrets, origin of place names, class photos, famous visitors and unpublished anecdotes. Offered at the price of 6 € (excluding postage) it is available on request and on sale at several points in Tourtoirac.

Exposition 2018

"De la cabane à l'abbaye, un patrimoine à préserver"

Dans la Chapelle Prieurale, jusqu'au 7 septembre.

aux jours et heures d'ouverture du point i : 10h00-18h00, fermé le dimanche

Complété par l'exposition "Patrimoine de pays en devenir" du 1 au 14 août

On April 21st more than a hundred people attended the concert offered by Guy Serena and Kees Goudappel for the benefit of the Friends of the Abbey and Heritage Tourtoirac. The Tannerie room was full, we had to add chairs at the last minute. Mady Chabrier, recalled in the early evening the goal of our association, our past actions and those in progress. The remarkable performance of our two artists has excited the audience. Thank you to all who came to this evening, thank you for your generosity, your encouragement touched us. The show devoted to Léo Ferré (1916 - 1993) was born from the passion of Guy, since his adolescence, for this monument of the French song. More info on:



Ordinary and Extraordinary Annual General Meetings

on the 2 August 2017 at 20h30,   Salle de la Tannerie, in Tourtoirac.

To know more about it, see the report >>>>

(in French)

Les Carnets de Tourtoirac

Les CARNETS DE TOURTOIRAC, our new annual annual book has jus been published. N° 1 is available in most of shops and touristic places in Tourtoirac for 6 euros.


Petit Patrimoine Exhibition

Thursday 27 July - Sunday 6 August, 11h00-12h30 and 15h00-19h00. Discover the Rampeau game, the line of Knots, the Napoleonic map of Tourtoirac and more... in the Abbey Gallery.

Last year's exhibition, about the l'Abbaye, may be seen in the "Chapelle Prieurale", in the church's courtyard during July and August. Closed on saturdays.



Monks' beard pulling ... and other curiosities.

From July 28th till August 7th, 11:00 to 12:30 am and 3:00 to 6:30 pm 

In the gallery of Mr and Mrs Bascoul

and in the Church for the digital restorations of

the Signs of the Cross paintings.

Guided tours of the Abbey on July 30th, 5 pm and 31st, 11 am

which will reveal some of the Abbey’s secrets.

Exhibition of amateurs' photos on the theme of the "Unusual Abbey" are displayed in the village shops.

    Les découvertes sur Tourtoirac


Comme nombre des villages du Périgord, Tourtoirac est dessiné par les grandes phases de l’Histoire de France que beaucoup d’entre nous connaissent pour les avoir découvertes sur les bancs de l’école...   lire la suite ici

Annual General Meeting 2th august

8h30 pm, at la Tannerie. An essential year for our association

Download the summons to the AGM and your membership form (or for renewing) to the Association of the Friends of the Abbey and the Heritage of Tourtoirac. If you cannot be present, thank you for filling the proxy.

 Click here to obtain the document AG on 2016. (French and English)

    Les découvertes sur Tourtoirac  (translation in progress)


Comme nombre des villages du Périgord, Tourtoirac est dessiné par les grandes phases de l’Histoire de France que beaucoup d’entre nous connaissent pour les avoir découvertes sur les bancs de l’école...   lire la suite ici

Tourtoirac-Kathmandu: une même passion culturelle


Notre association a reçu un don très généreux d'une anthropologue américaine renommée, le Dr Mary Slusser, accompagné d'un très intéressant message de motivation. Titulaire d'un PhD de l'université Columbia (NY), Dr Mary Slusser est experte en art, histoire et culture du Népal et du Tibet et de l'art himalayen..... lire la suite ici

Tourtoirac – Kathmandu, the same cultural passion

Our Association has received a very generous donation from a renowned American Anthropologist Dr. Mary Slusser, accompanied by a very interesting letter of motivation. Equipped with a PhD from Columbia University of New York, Dr. Slusser is an expert of art, historyand culture of Nepal, Tibet and Himalayan art.

(click here to read more/translation of full text in progress)

Concert Léo Ferré


Account of the 2015 Association AGM

On 6 august 2015, the AGM of the Association 'Friends of the Abbey and Heritage of Tourtoirac' was held. The Association was created to raise awareness of all the inhabitants of Tourtoirac, the elected members and local administration of the urgent need to restore the church and generally to valorise the heritage of Tourtoirac.

Association developments in 2015


  • To finance the repairs to the wooden statue of the Virgin and Child (achieved)

  • To work towards the renovation and repair of the Priory Chapel (Ongoing)


Activities undertaken

Guided group visits, concerts, meetings with experts...less than one year after the creation of the Association and projects are already in place.

For 2015 our projects will have been completed, so please return to our website regularly to keep updated, or alternatively leave a message using our CONTACT page and we will keep you informed.